Of all the assignments I had received up until August, 2011, none of them had been quite as open as the project for Painting.

“Create a series of 4-6 paintings”

That was it. No themes, no restrictions, just create 4-6 paintings. By the time this assignment rolled around I had already been waiting for an excuse to do some characterizations of my friends as mythological creatures. And that particular opportunity came knocking at my door – who was I to ignore it?

With a combination of illnesses (it was winter, what do you expect) and time restraints, I only churned out four by the end of the semester – based on myself, my boyfriend at the time, one of my best friends, and one of the girls from that circle of friends. (The creatures or humanoids each was based on was a witch, a deamon thief, a fire pixie and a siren/water nymph.)