When you’ve decided RachaelW is the person for the job,  here’s a few things that will make her life – and yours – easier:


– Define what kind of project it is (packaging, lettering, illustration, etc)
– Got a style in mind? Reference it. Give examples.
– Set a tentative timeframe. When do you need it? Tomorrow, or in two months?
– Talk about the final product. Is it digital or printed? Large or small?
– Think about your budget. Remember, Rachael has an expensive habit* to upkeep


– Not know what you want.
– Request work for free; see Expensive Habit*
– Bombard or pester. Rachael’s only human, give her at LEAST 24 hours to see your message.
– Be rude or condescending. Do you want her help, or not?
– Just say “hi”. Give her a reason to follow up!

*Welcome to the world of Reference Books would you like a Grand Shelf Tour?

IMG: Illustrative Portrait of RachaelW wearing a monocle

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