Fifty thousand words, thirty days. It seems a lot, but every November thousands of people across the globe take part in NaNoWriMo (“National Novel Writing Month”).

In 2011 the team behind Nanowrimo introduced Camp Nano; a set-your-own-goal, off-season writing challenge, currently run twice a year in April and June. After a lacklustre camp in April 2015, Rachael set out to identify why it was so easy for so many to write 50,000 words in November, and yet difficult for a select few to write even 500 in April.

The ‘Cabin War’ campaign, inspired by Melbourne’s regional mascots Ripley the Rhino and Walter the Wombat, resulted in a total of 22 participants. Of the 22, 50% reached their project goals, and a further 54% went on to write more than their original goals. It remains the most successful Cabin War campaign to date.


Client: Nanowrimo :: Melbourne Region
Brief: Improve success rate of participants in Camp Nano
Tools: Illustrator, Social Media (Facebook)


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