Patients with Genetic Haemochromatosis have historically been diagnosed as a result of symptoms of Iron Overload, or due to a family member with symptoms. Much of the available reading material on the condition reads like a horror novel (the tagline “IT’S REAL. IT’S COMMON. IT CAN KILL YOU.” of the US Iron Disorders Institute’s ‘guide to Haemochromatosis’ is a prime example). As more awareness is raised for the condition and patients are diagnosed and treated long before the severe symptoms emerge, sensationalised headlines like these are becoming increasingly unnecessary. As a result, the below infographic was designed to capture the main points and questions a patient or family member may have. What it is, who might have it, what symptoms does it have, how is it diagnosed and treated. The inforgraphic was used to kick off Haemochromatosis Australia’s campaign as part of Haemochromatosis Awareness week (June 4th-10th, 2018). Content was sourced and gathered from various sources, including Haemochromatosis Australia’s “your questions answered” booklet, and notes from the 2014 Haemochromatosis conference speakers. _________ Year: 2017 Client: RachaelW Brief: To convey information about Genetic Haemochromatosis in a calm and clear manner. Tools: Adobe Illustrator.
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