This project was instigated to retain information about sauces contained within and reduce confusion. It aimed to clearly label the homemade sauces, as well as record the ingredients and recipes where applicable. It was also an outlet to put acquired knowledge about packaging artwork to practical use. Artwork was printed onto a glossy, paper stock and added to the bottles after sauces had been filled. Photos for Kimchi, Sweet Kimchi and Ponzu sauces were taken from their respective recipe websites (presented as a QR code on the labels for reference). Lemon photo was used with permission from KathyW of home-grown lemons. ‘ORR’ token was used from the ‘Torran alpacas’ logo. For more information about Torran Alpacas please visit _________ Year: 2016 Client: Torran Alpaccas Brief: Create a series of labels to clearly record recipes, ingredients, and bottled contents of homemade sauces. Tools: Adobe Illustrator.