“All those tiny cities that you’re holding in your little hands / In the wind like diamond lights, they’ll blow away in desert sand…”

Music has a bizarre ability to transport the listener to another world, another time. Pieces associated with periods of time or certain seasons can easily evoke memories and emotions. Listening to the slow and smooth electronica of Flume’s “Tiny Cities” during the miserable winter established a cold, chilling feel to the song.

An exercise in vector illustration, it inspired a whimsical faceless figure, holding the ‘tiny cities’ in their hands. Created in Adobe Illustrator, it made use of gradients and perspective tools.

Original music by Flume, lyrics written by Harley Streten & Beck Hansen.


Year: 2018
Client: Rachael Wheeler
Brief: Create an artwork that visually encapsulates the music of ‘Tiny Cities’ by Flume.
Tools: Illustrator

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