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RachaelW is an Australian graphic designer and illustrator, currently based out of regional NSW/VIC. Graduating from Monash with her Bachelor of Visual Communication, Rachael returned to the country and spent the last three years working on packaging, signage and e-commerce in a small agency. She also collaborated with Work Art Life on the Nite Art website, and was thrilled to catch talks by Seb Lester and Jessica Hirsch while volunteering at Semi-Permanent.


Chances are, you came here from instagram or twitter, or have a flashy business card in your hot little hand. So why did you come here? What, pray tell, could Rachael possibly do for you? Well, let’s see:

– Digital illustration
– Logo design
– Brand Identity
– Photography
– Publication design
– Packaging design

Not satisfied? Forever curious, Rachael can often be found building her skill sets. Check out what she’s studying on Instagram –  you just might find what you’re looking for.